Murphy Bed- An Overview

Many people have started a business based from their homes as a result of leaving the corporate world for one reason or another. Frequently this means that the guest bedroom has undergone a conversion and is now used as a home office. While it is nice to have extra space to use as a home office, a spare bedroom may still be needed if overnight guests visit. While some younger guests may be glad to crash in sleeping bags on the floor of your home, other house guests will need something a little more comfortable.Feel free to find more information at murphy bed.

Using a Murphy bed is an excellent way to solve that problem. A Murphy bed, often referred to as a wall bed, is a bed that swings up so that it can be stored in a closet or cabinet. The bottom part of the bed is securely attached to the wall, and it is then lowered when you need to use it. When stowed in its vertical position, the bed takes up very little space, making it ideal for use in areas with little room to spare like a home office, motor home, or studio apartment.

William L. Murphy patented the Murphy bed in 1916. The Murphy Wall Bed Company was created by Murphy. People came to commonly refer to beds stored vertically in a wall as “Murphy beds,” so in 1989 the trademark cover was invalidated by the courts. For many people, their only exposure to the Murphy bed is from scenes in old films where an unsuspecting victim gets folded up inside with the bed and finds himself trapped. The new wall beds are far more comfortable and stylish. It is possible to find complete office suites in custom designs and gorgeous wood tones that integrate the Murphy bed so that it is barely noticeable.

Normally the Murphy bed is positioned vertically and the head of the bed is by the wall. But if there is not enough space to extend the bed, it is possible to obtain a Murphy bed in a horizontal style. If you think that a home office equipped with a Murphy bed would suit the needs of your lifestyle, try to find a company that will be able to design your whole workspace to be both functional and aesthetic. To ensure that you are pleased with the result, have the installation performed by a skilled professional.